UMA for uSurvival [EA] by Sehlor

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UMA for uSurvival Early Access

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UMA for uSurvival [EA]

UMA for uSurvival Early Access

UMA Implementation for uSurvival

See what's included

  • Full Source Code
  • Complete Overhaul of uSurvival Built-In System
  • Complete Support of uSurvival Slots
  • PBR Base
  • Humanoid Avatar For ReTargetting
  • Random Avatar Generating Option
  • Completely Drag & Drop
$100 BUY NOW


Please DO NOT BUY Unless you have following products.

Unity 2017.1

Unity 2017.1

UMA 2.7

UMA 2.7

uSurvival Latest Version

uSurvival Latest Version
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My name is Orhan KALAYCI. I'm from Turkey. I've been developing computer software and games since 2001. I am currently building and supporting bunch of AddOns for uMMORPG and maintain them.

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